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Aesthetic taping (also called Beauty taping/ Skin taping/Face taping) is the evolution of the Japanese kinesio taping technique for the face.

The preventive and therapeutic treatment, which revolutionized sports medicine and orthopedics, has been successfully transferred to the world of medical cosmetics and provides a natural, non-invasive facelift. This technique is not yet known in Europe, but it's very popular in Asia and Russia. 

Joy, tension, anger. Smiling, frowning, wrinkling the corners of the mouth or simply mashing the face with the pillow all night. There are many unconscious grimaces with which we almost "disfigure" our face daily.

These facial expressions can become chronic over time. The muscle fibers shorten, these areas get insufficiently supplied with blood, a lack of oxygen and nutrients occurs.

When the facial muscles contract, the skin areas associated with them also wrinkle. The more often this happens and the less elasticity the skin has, the sooner fine lines and the first wrinkles form.

Use our Lyfta tapes precisely to avoid those problems: shortened muscles are relaxed, blood circulation is stimulated, and the tissue is better nourished.

Have you ever observed the adhesive side of the Lyfta facetape? It's wavy!

When applied to the skin, the tape forms folds and creates a lifting effect by gently elevating the epidermis and creating space under the skin. The room which is then created allows the blood to circulate more easily. Both blood and lymph can flow better, and the skin receives ample oxygen as well as important nutrients. 

Activate circulation

The tape provides a pathway for the lymph, which also promotes faster drainage. Fluid deposits under the skin can drain away more easily and swellings subside. In addition, due to the improved circulation, toxins are removed more quickly and the skin is supplied with nutrients and oxygen. The face looks fresher and signs of aging fade. 

Re-education of facial expressions

Eyebrows pinched together again? Fixing them with the patches helps you to better perceive and specifically get rid of unconscious facial expressions. If the facial parts are fixed, unwanted movements cannot be performed and can even be trained away in the long term.

Time is what we need! Whether home office, during sports or overnight is entirely up to you! The main thing is that the tapes are worn long enough to unfold their effect on your skin. 

The earlier the better! The improvement of the microcirculation leads to the fact that toxins can be removed faster and the areas are better supplied. 

Improved blood circulation and stimulating lymphatic drainage lead to the slowdown of the aging process and thus allow a noticeable invigoration of the skin surface.  Toxins are eliminated more quickly, muscle tone is improved and the skin is better supplied with nutrients. In addition, fixing wrinkles prevents them from being intensified, for example, by facial expressions. 

Face-taping is not as effective as a neuromodulator (wrinkle-relaxing injections), but it is a good alternative if you need or prefer to avoid more invasive treatments such as Botox to reduce wrinkles.

Of course, skin tape alone is not the solution; it must be combined with good and healthy habits. For example lifestyle behaviors such as avoiding alcohol, smoking, and excessive sun exposure, exercising daily, sticking to a consistent skincare routine, using sunscreen, and drinking enough water are all great ways to take care of your skin.

Yes, Lyfta tapes are latex-free.

Yes! Our Lyfta tapes are designed for facial skin and have less adhesive than traditional kinesio tapes.

Give your skin a little extra care after application if you tend to have very sensitive skin.You can also use a cosmetic product before application, let it soak in well beforehand! 

If you tend to have very oily skin, try using an oil-free face toner before applying or cleanse the skin as much as possible. 


Don't worry, each of our kits contains a card with detailed instructions explaining each step for application and removal. You will also find tips, illustrations and a link to our videos. If anything is unclear you can always contact us via chat or email us at hello@lyfta.eu

Nothing, only if you massively violate our application instructions. Please do not pull! (Question 54).  If the tape is not applied correctly, the desired lifting effect may not occur. The big advantage is that kinesio taping has no known side effects. 

There are no major dangers with face taping.

Our latex-free and breathable tape is designed especially for the sensitive facial skin. If you have any doubts, try the tape on your forearm first to avoid risks and side effects.

For example, you may get a rash, especially if you are allergic to the adhesive in the tape or the material the tape is made of. Skin irritation, itching, redness of the skin, or even allergic reactions can also be side effects of face taping. 

If you notice any skin reaction at any time while the tape is in place, remove it immediately. Do not reapply the tape until the skin reaction has resolved.

We have measured different faces and made this unit size out of it.

We're all unique! You can personalize the Lyfta Tapes for your own facial shape. Important: use clean, sharp scissors for shortening the tape. Try to round the ends to prevent it from peeling off too early.

Don't worry, all the important spots will still be activated. You can add a second tape or overlay them. 

Time is what we need! Whether home office, during sports or overnight is entirely up to you! The main thing is that the tapes are worn long enough to unfold their effect on your skin.

The tapes are applied to the face along the massage lines and  bioactive zones. The instructions contained in our kits show you exactly the area to be taped.

However, we can provide you with more suggestions. Follow us on Instagram for more application possibilities or contact us directly.

Please don't! If the tape is stretched, it can cause undesirable effects. Wearing the tape becomes uncomfortable and they may leave pressure marks. 

However, there is no limit to your creativity! Note: the waves on the adhesive side should always be applied parallel to the muscle. Need inspiration? Follow us on Instagram for more application possibilities.

Yes, overlapping does not influence the effect. However, it does not double it either. 

Try it! Put on your skincare and wait for it to be absorbed, this procedure might take a bit longer and then stick on the Lyfta tapes. If you use oil-based products directly before applying the patches, they may not adhere well to the skin and peel off.

Caught, you pulled on the tape. Carefully remove the patch to avoid pressure marks and apply the next one without pulling. 

In the beginning, you can leave the tape on for 3/4 hours. But, once you get used to taping, you can leave them on for a maximum of 8 hours.

Whether two leave it on for two hours for a quick touch-up before the Red Carpet or keep it on overnight. The tape adapts to your lifestyle. Try to keep the tape on for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight.

Although the adhesive is not as sticky compared to other tapes, be careful with the eyebrows. Stubbly or bearded Lyfta users can only use the upper half of the patches, because unfortunately patches do not stick to facial hair.


Sure! Take care of your skin after the treatment. Removing the patch has a slight peeling effect. Dead skin cells will stick to the adhesive. You can also apply your product on the face with the tapes to treat other area.