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About Us

We are Marta and Sophie. We called our project Lyfta: an uplifting Skincare Brand redefining the world of anti-aging treatments, with patches that lift you up, while you do you.


The Background Story

After Sophie's husband injured his knee, she started surfing the Internet in search of alternative treatments. Reading about kinesiotape among the suggested alternatives, she recalled that it had been recommended to her by a physiotherapist and that it had served herself well in the past.

Continuing the research, they found out that the waves on the tape are responsible for its mechanical action on the skin and its incredible benefits: lymphatic drainage, muscle support, increased blood circulation. 

Here, the question arose that marked the beginning of Sophie’s and Marta’s path to create Lyfta: “will it be possible to use the kinesiotape technique on the face too?". Both were already passionate about natural facial and body care products and techniques and therefore were immediately hooked on the subject.

They started trying out this technique at home and on several family members, making them wear custom cut patches overnight. Lit up by the results the morning after, but let down by the daily time-consuming tape cutting sessions before bed, they decided to make the facial taping treatments more approachable with an effortless product.

Supported by a physiotherapist and after months of research, tests and trials, they finally settled on shapes that can be adapted to any face. Lyfta was ready to be born!